Now you can have an expensive looking kitchen and bedroom, without the expense. Call us today on 020 8418 9192

Now you can have an expensive looking kitchen and bedroom, without the expense. Call us today on 020 8418 9192

Experience the very best in kitchen and bedroom makeovers

You will adore your kitchen or bedroom makeover from The Door Store – and that is a promise! It will be lovingly designed and meticulously built to make your old spaces look brand new. So if we don’t exceed your expectation, then we haven’t matched ours. And that is only the start of The Door Store promise!


Hello and welcome to our brand new website, we’re so excited that you have chosen to visit us, The Door Store and More, and we can’t wait to help you.

We have created our website with the view of making it extremely easy for you to find everything you need so you can choose what you want to do next.

Of course, not everyone is on the same part of the journey towards having a makeover. For those of you who don’t really know what a makeover is, can we suggest that you download our question and answers booklet on ‘Discovering the Secret to Designer Rooms At Makeover Prices’. It’s a real eye-opener when you see what can be achieved.

If you know what you want to do, but feel somewhat bereft of design and colour ideas, then LOOK NO FURTHER! We have just the answer, 6 terrific kitchen ‘look books’ and 6 stupendous bedroom ones too, just waiting to be downloaded. They are full of brilliant room set ideas and are definitely a great source of inspiration.

The look books have been designed by Mark to help you find your perfect dream-scheme. They are separated into very distinctive and strongly themed styles, and you’ll be able to go straight to the look book that best reflects your particular wants and needs. Enjoy the journey……..

Door Book Catalogue

Discover the secret to designer rooms at makeover prices

We’ve listed every question we’ve ever been asked about replacement doors in the last ten years. And the answers are here in this FREE Guide.

Kitchen Doors

Kitchen Makeovers

Premium kitchen finishes designed and fitted at prices you will scarcely believe. The standard Kitchen Makeover is clean, functional and lovingly designed just for you. The options are classic, country, retro, chic, modern or anything else you fancy...

Kitchen Doors

Bedroom Makeovers

Bedrooms should be where you feel most relaxed and at ease. Fabulous finishes designed and fitted at far less than you'd expect. Create comfort, luxury, style and finesse that you can indulge and enjoy for many years to come...


High praise from our clients..

Thanks for my fab looking makeover
Hi Mark & Lisa, Thanks for my fab looking makeover. Ideally if I'd had the budget I would have gone for a new kitchen. But the end results of the makeover were so very good it now feels like I have a new kitchen, after all, but without spending too much.
Neil Harrison
Big "thank you" for all the help and advice
Dear Mark and Lisa, We would like to say a big "thank you" for all the help and advice you gave us to select and have fitted our new kitchen doors, drawers and worktops.The makeover itself was exactly what you had promised and more... Thank you again.
Diana & Brian

Door Store makeovers

mean stunning results, faster and for less!

Imagine showing of your new kitchen or bedroom to your friends, family and neighbours, while smiling to yourself because only you know the secret. That it costs only a fraction of what they are thinking, there was minimal disruption to your life and it took next to no time at all!

See the story of your makeover here


The best way to learn about us is to listen to what our customers say.

The next best thing is to come into the store and meet the team for an informal chat about your dream project.

Or you could simply download our free guides, questions and answers, brochures or price lists to find out more about the great value that we provide.

There are choices galore for style and one choice for design – The Door Store team.

Extremely pleased
I’m extremely pleased with everything you guys have provided so thank you once again for all your assistance I should also say that despite not meeting Perry I hear through my dad that he was hard working and obviously did a very good job
James, Douglas Road, Chingford

Revealing the money saving secrets behind makeovers!

We’ve listed every question we’ve ever been asked about replacement doors in the last ten years. And the answers are here in this FREE Guide.


Mark Lewis Door Store Team

Mark Lewis

Owner, lead designer, top creative brain and perfectionist. Mark is never completely happy until he is absolutely convinced that his customer is even happier than him.

Lisa Lewis Door Store Team

Lisa Lewis

Co-owner, designer, queen of organisation and fulfiller of deadlines. Lisa ensures that each project is completed on time and within a budget that will amaze her customers.

We now do
complete New Kitchens and Bedroom Furniture

As a specialist in makeovers, using replacement doors to make kitchens and bedrooms look brand new, we often get asked about complete refurbishments. So we have sourced some fabulous ranges and, with our decades of design experience, we can now deliver your complete bespoke kitchen or bedroom project.

Still with a keen eye for premium quality and beautiful designs at the best possible prices, The Door Store really is the place where you can find much more to adore.